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Aberdeen Wedding Photographer

I've been a wedding photographer in Aberdeen now for over six years. Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire have some of the best Aberdeen Wedding Venues in the country (from castles to stately homes). So if you are planning your Aberdeen wedding photography, you are spoilt for choice while looking for photographers in Aberdeen. Follow this link for one of the top wedding venues in Aberdeenshire. Logie Country House or follow this link to a beautiful slideshow from Logie Country House

Living in Elgin gives me a central base to travel to Aberdeen or surrounding areas for wedding photography. This central location also allows me to cover Inverness to the north ( the gateway to the Highlands). Further to the south, there is stunning Perthshire with the tourist hotspot of Pitlochry and Blair Athol. A few miles south we have the Hermitage near Dunkeld which look stunning in their autumn colours. To the southeast of Perthshire is the county of Fife with its stunning beaches and villages on the east coast.


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Planning Your Aberdeen Wedding Photography!

Having been fortunate to have been a wedding photographer in Aberdeen for a few years, I can give a little advice.

You'll first need to decide which season you want to get married.

Winter- Short days, twinkly lights, frost and snow.
Spring- With lengthening days, new growth, early sunsets and warmer days.
Summer- Long hot days, outside weddings, drinks with friends.
Autumn- The leaves are dying back with golden colours.
Once you've decided on this, it's time to think about the best wedding venues for your wedding photography and their availability. Get this in place you can then start thinking about the other suppliers that you will need. Wedding photographer in Aberdeen and Videographers, Dress, Catering ( unless the venue arranges this), celebrant, cake, hair and makeup.

For my full blog on wedding planning.

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My Approach

So you are at the point of looking to find your wedding photographer Aberdeen for your wedding photos.

Where do you start?

Well, Google would be my first choice. So type in your search term into the search box "Wedding Photographer Aberdeen" bringing up a list of photographers in Aberdeen.

You will know what style of Aberdeen wedding photographer you want for your wedding photos. Once, you have a list head to their social media, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to give you an idea of more of their portfolio. Full details of what they can provide will be on the websites.

I tend to be a documentary photographer about, 90% of the time. Most of the day is left to flow naturally. The only time I have any influence is during the family formal groups photos. Although, I try to get these done as quick as I can after the ceremony. Well nobody wants to hang around.

Once done, I take you (the couple) away to get the bridal portraits done at a chosen location, giving them a spot of alone time for an hour. Here I will add an element of my creativity to create something which will hang with pride of place on your wall. Then it's back for the speeches, meal and first dance. Depending on the time of night and if possible I may get the couple out for a twilight photo or two.

Hopefully, this will give you an insight into how I work.


How I Became A Wedding Photographer?

How did I become a wedding photographer?

An accident is an answer to the above. Back in 2014, my younger brother was getting married, somehow I agreed. I'd been doing all landscape work for the previous five years at the time. So yeah I knew what I was doing with a professional camera, but never covered a wedding. To start with I'd only been asked to capture the family groups after the ceremony. But a few weeks beforehand, I had allowed myself to persuaded into covering the bridal preparations through to the first dance. The following year I photographed a friends wedding, which was me hooked.

In tandem with starting market myself the following year in the wedding industry, I went down to England to embark on wedding photography training. A mixture of practical photography training alongside this, there was business training covering marketing and how to run your wedding business.

Why Is Wedding Photography Important?

The flowers die, the food gets eaten, the wine drunk and the cake cut, but the wedding photos last forever!

Having a professional Aberdeen wedding photographer capture your wedding photography is an investment worth making.

After all the chaos, love and laughter, what are you going to remember? That's right, little snippets, which will fade, but with professional capturing your wedding photography, someone who has been through it all before is tuned in to getting those little moments. Whether it is emotional or fun, you can be sure that you'll have something lasting. Combine this with one of my wedding photography packages which contain a wedding album and, you now have something to pass down to future generations. You will have something to cherish for the last generations. Reminding you of the little moments you missed or have forgotten alongside this, you will have a high-quality wedding album of the day. Follow this link to my blog on why it's important to book a professional wedding photographer. Why It's Important to Book A Professional Wedding Photographer!


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Aberdeen Wedding Photography Pricing.

Probably a big topic if you are planning to book a wedding photographer in Aberdeen. But have you ever sat down and thought about it? Why does it cost what it does?

My Approach To Aberdeen Wedding Photography Pricing.

My approach to being an Aberdeen wedding photographer starts when you first enquire about the availability of your day. I will then find out more about your day and plans. I will most probably arrange to meet you in person for a coffee to discuss your plan's. It is also an opportunity for us to get to know each other. Why? To get the best wedding photo's on the day, you need to be relaxed, enjoying yourselves.
From booking until your wedding day I am happy to answer any queries you may have. In the month before the wedding day, I will arrange to meet for a coffee to go over the final plans.
The next time you see me will be on the morning of your wedding day.

The Wedding Day.

On your wedding day, I arrive for bridal preparations at your chosen location and time. Which is usually 9.30/10.00 am. I'm with the bridal party through to the ceremony unless the groom is nearby, where I can head off to photograph him getting ready, returning to the most important person on the day, the Bride. Once the ceremony is complete, it is the family group photos, then the couple portraits. These are the special moments that you may produce for some wall art for your home.
The next stage of the wedding day is the speeches just before the wedding meal. Once you have enjoyed your meal, with a chance to spend time with family and friends, it's time for the first dance. That first moment where you get to dance together as husband and wife.

Post Wedding Day.

Immediately after I'm home from your wedding, I will back all the photos up twice, making sure that I always have at least two copies of everything for security. The next day I will start going through the hundreds, maybe thousands of photos and culling any that don't make the grade, such as where someone has blinked. From here, the editing begins in earnest. It's where I create a set of beautiful wedding photographs with a look in keeping with my brand. Once complete, which may take several weeks, then uploaded to your online gallery. After which, I will design and prepare your wedding album in consultation with you.

So Why Does Wedding Photography Cost So Much?

Aberdeen wedding photographers aren't just working on your wedding day. There is all the pre-booking work, the work that goes in leading up to your wedding day, on the day itself, editing and album design afterwards.
Wedding photography is an investment, not an expense. After the wedding in the months or years ahead, how will you remember those memories? Yes, that's right, the wedding photography.
Wedding photographers in Aberdeen are professionals. They have insurance, training and equipment to maintain alongside the usual business costs.
When selecting an Aberdeen photographer, you should always view a photographer's previous work making sure you like their work and style. Photographers will have various packages available for different budgets. These will range from digital-only to packages containing albums.

If you have worked out your budget for your Aberdeen wedding photographer, do your research by looking at their style and looking at the various packages available. Now you are at the point of enquiring about availability on your chosen wedding date.
Arrange to meet your wedding photographer in Aberdeen. If all things go well, you can invest in your Aberdeen photographer.

Why Choose Me?

To most people, one photographer in Aberdeen is probably the same as any other. True to certain extents. We all carry a box that takes pictures. ;)

Seriously though on your wedding day, it's the wedding photographer that will be the ever-present throughout the whole day. He or she will turn up as the bride and bridesmaids are still in their dressing gowns, hair and makeup not yet done snapping away. But this is a vital part, a record of the transformation into the blushing bride. They will be there right through every step of the way to the first dance. So this is a person you're going to have to get on with and be relaxed around.

As wedding photographers in Aberdeen, we are creative people. We each see the situation differently and will put our stamp on a job. You've booked a meeting with a photographer based on their online portfolio and presence! So when you meet your photography wedding photographer, be sure you get the chance to look through some more of his / her portfolio. Get them to show you complete weddings, not just select wedding photographs hand-picked from other weddings. And current ones at that. With time their style and ability change, allowing you to gauge whether they will fit in with your vision of how your day will look.

If you are looking to book me, I will always try to arrange a meeting with you. Either in person, phone or video call.

The aim is to make the day stress free and relaxed. Making sure you get the best wedding photos on the day is why I love weddings in Aberdeen.

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