Moray Commercial and Branding Photographer


Moray Commercial and Branding Photographer

In short, it's businesses marketing themselves and their businesses as a brand. A business needs to attract the right clients to allow them to grow. Whilst we can't control what our ideal clients think, we can certainly help it along.
Establishing a brand is about who you are, what you offer and who your customer is. In turn, this will give you content for your marketing. Brand awareness is made easier today due to the rise in social media. But you have to maintain a consistent brand story across all platforms.
So what are the benefits of a branding shoot to your business? The most beneficial is it shows your potential clients what it is like to work with you. It allows you to stand out in your industry, incorporating unique imagery and brand recognition. With the use of high-quality photography across your marketing, the feel is cohesive, from your website, social media, ads and printed materials. You must compete on quality and not price. Brand photography can do just this because strategic branding leads to a strong brand. By using a brand photographer, you are inspiring your audience. The photography you use should be professional and provide an image your ideal client will aspire too.

A strong, easily recognised brand highlights your professionalism and shows you are a leader in your industry. And when you look professional, you can charge more.

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My Approach.

So you've contacted me to enquire about a branding photography session. What happens next?
The first thing is to arrange a meeting where we will go over everything, from what you want to show to who your ideal clients are. Making sure I capture not only your products or services but the person behind the business. My attention to detail will mean that a business and branding photography session will mean you have a set of images for social media, website and printed material. Showcasing to potential clients what it is like to purchase or work with you.

Why Is Personal Commercial and Branding Photography Important?

Today a lot of business is done online. You need to be able to stand out from your competitors.
Put yourself in the shoes of a client. A search for a Moray Business and Branding Photographer on google brings a list of websites. How do you decide which to use? You'll go through the websites on page 1 and try to find out all about them. Looking at reviews and testimonials, but what will grab your attention? The photography used on the website or social media. If one of the sites you click on uses professional photography with a consistent feel to it. Another uses photography done with a phone, with a mix of lighting. Which are you going to contact? Yes, the business that looks and feels more professional.

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Why Choose Me?

To most, one photographer is the same as the next. But if you do some research, you'll find differences in style. When you meet, you will need to get along to get the best out of your session.
From my point, I will try and arrange a meeting to go over what you want and what you hope to get from your session. During this session, we will work out locations, props, outfits and poses. I will help you every step of the way.
It may be that you only want some product photography or maybe, my top business and branding photography session to use on your website, social media or printed material.
Then on the shoot, with everything planned out, time will fly. Having done the planning, we can relax and enjoy ourselves.
Imagine saving time and helping generate money from new and existing clients with your selection of images for social media.

Give me a call and, let me show you how I can help grow your business.

If you are looking to book me, we can arrange a meeting, a call or a video call initially to find out your requirements.

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How Much Does It Cost?

£220 for 2hours. (minimum booking time).

But why not go for one of my extra value packages.

£400 for 4 hours.
£750 for 8 hours.