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How I approach your day!
It's about time I got a blog written again. I know I need to do this way more often, but you know when your busy working and running a business some things get left behind.

So let's get this done on a quick break from editing a recent Wedding (which I'll blog about in the not too distant future).

This came to me whilst editing.

Everyone one will have their own style.

How I approach my Wedding Photography. 

This will be based on how they see things and how things unfold on the day. Which can be out of your control. But it's how you handle any given situation, thus being flexible and able to move on and try something different to get the job done. It's all about problem solving really.

Something my background in Management helps with. If your dealing with staff on a daily basis things never go to plan. It's all about coming up with an alternative to get to the same point. See flexibility and Problem Solving! So I take that into how I approach things on the Wedding day.

Creating The Images On Your Day.

It depends who you select as your Photographer. Some shoot the day totally in the background having no influence on proceedings, no directed photographs, just working away capturing images. Others set things up in a more traditional staged way.

Me personally. I tend to work in a combination of a bit of both.

Sections of your day will be left to flow. Bridal prep, the ceremony, capturing moments of your guests as they catch up and socialize, speeches etc. But then directing as I see fit to help create some stunning images as I see moments and light. Moments like after the Bride is ready, the Groom pre Ceremony then the obvious group shoots post Ceremony.

The Bride and Groom romantic posed images is the special bit where we take the couple away to chosen locations. Here I make use of natural light where available. But it's Scotland so this sometimes needs a bit of help to create something special. It's at this point we can get creative with flash off camera, plus later on in the evening, where possible to help create that Wow shot.

There you have it. A little snapshot into how I work on your Wedding Day.

Right I suppose I'd better get back to some work.  :)

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