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Why It's Important To Meet Your Wedding Photographer Photographer!


This one is probably going to be a short blog but still has some important points though.
To most people, one Aberdeen wedding photographer is probably the same as any other. True to certain extents. We all carry a box that takes pictures. ;)
Seriously though your wedding day, it's the Aberdeen wedding photographer that will be ever-present throughout the whole day. He or she will turn up as the bride and bridesmaids are still in their dressing gowns, hair and makeup not yet done snapping away. But this is a vital part, a record of the transformation into the blushing bride. They will be there right through every step of the way to the first dance. So this is a person you're going to have to get on with and be relaxed around.
As photographers in Aberdeen, we are creative people. We see situations differently. And we will put our stamp on a job, that's weddings or otherwise. When you meet your wedding photographer in Aberdeen, be sure you get the chance to look through some more of his / her portfolio. Get them to show you complete weddings, not just select photographs hand-picked from other weddings. And current ones at that. As time goes on, their style and ability changes. You will gauge whether they will fit in with your vision of how your day will look.

In Summary.

So, in summary, it's not just photography wise it has to work for you! An Aberdeen wedding photographer is a person who will be spending a good proportion of your day with you. You are all going to have to get on!! Making sure you get the best wedding photos you deserve on the day.

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