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Lockdown Thoughts | Moray Wedding Photographers

This lockdown has got me thinking about my Wedding Photography business and things going forward. Tough times just now, but hopefully we will all come out of this stronger.

What I bring and how I approach Your Wedding !

Well.. I tend to start thinking about the wedding day from the moment you enquire through to our initial meet up and onto the day itself. I leave no stone unturned. I want to know all the details. Why? Well you’ve planned this special day, your Wedding Day. I want to capture it how you envisaged. All the little details!

You’ve planned this day for a year maybe more. From the venue, the dress and how it will all look. You will have researched wedding suppliers that will help bring the dream to life.

You also should research your photographer.


Well we all have different styles and personalities. First off, have a look at potential photographers portfolios. Do they have a style that can bring your dream wedding to life. Dead easy today’s digital world. Then you need to narrow the search by who is available on your given day. Remembering the various suppliers get booked 1 to 2 years in advance. Get in contact find out who is available and get some meetings in place. These meetings will allow you to see more of your chosen photographers portfolio and know if you click on the day. The last bit is a must to get the best wedding photos on the day. For me, when I meet potential couples I take a selection of prints and complete wedding photography albums for them to look through. It shows what I can produce on the day plus some of the products that I provide in my business.

So What Do I Produce?

Well as a wedding photographs Aberdeen I’m looking to produce the story of the day. That’s right as Wedding Photographers we are Storytellers. Who knew. Bet you thought we were just randomly snapping away. Well no. I’m looking out for little moments, missed by many, forgotten about by others. Alongside this I’m thinking about your wedding photographs. How it will all play out and fit together to tell the story of the day. As I’m going along I’m thinking how this will look in your wedding photograph album.

Alongside the natural candid fun moments I aim to produce something special, that wow shot. This may form the centre spread in the wedding album or wall art to hang pride of place in the home.

Hopefully this has been of some use. How I work, my attention to detail, storytelling, the wow shot and what I’ll bring to your wedding day.

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