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How To Survive Your Wedding day


Planning starts in the months before your wedding which will make your day run much smoother and in turn stress-free, (I have a wedding planning checklist available in another blog).

Delegate. You can't do everything yourself! Even if you give other members of your family or friends small jobs, reducing your stress to lift the weight off your shoulders. Or you could use a wedding planner.

The Night Before

Try and get a good nights sleep. It may seem hard. If you can wake up refreshed, you'll be ready to face the day and enjoy it more. To help, how about listening to relaxing music?

On The Wedding Day


First of all, remember to have a good breakfast. It's going to be a long day.
Everything should be in place. Having a checklist with timings laid out before the wedding day will help ensure things run smoothly. You can go over this with your suppliers in the pre-wedding meeting. Ensuring everyone knows where they need to be and when.
What does this mean? Yes, that's right, bridesmaids, on the morning of her wedding day, the bride must be pampered and relaxing with you, the bridesmaids, in the build-up to the wedding.
The groom and best man will be sorting the ushers out and any final little details.

The Weather

Another wedding day stress! Forget it. You can't do anything about this one. Everyone will be there to celebrate with you no matter what. Have a contingency plan. If you are planning to get married outside, have an alternative where all your guests can get inside.

And as for your wedding photographs! By hiring an experienced Aberdeen wedding photographer, they will create something special no matter the weather. We, wedding photographers in Aberdeen, realise we only have one chance and have the knowledge and equipment to cover every eventuality. The stress is also on us!
From my experience, I've done some weddings where the weather hasn't been what the bride wanted. But you know what? I've always come away with something special.

Eat, Drink And.

This one is one to watch. The last thing you want is to not string two words together at the speeches.
You want to pace yourself, as it will be a long day.

The Speeches

Plan them, don't wing it. Everyone gets nervous speaking in public. Remember, these are your family and friends.
It's more usual now to do the speeches before the meal. With the wedding speech out of the way, everyone can enjoy the meal and the rest of the evening.

The Dance.


Probably the last of your 'moments' on the day. Plan your music and what you are going to do. Even get some lessons if you have to.

But keep calm, everything will work out!

So what if it rains! I've been a wedding photographer in Aberdeen for a few years. Having been involved in weddings as a photographer in Aberdeen and Inverness and there's not a thing you can do about it. The timings go out slightly, speeches go wrong or, Uncle Dave falls asleep drunk in the corner. Who cares? Everyone is here to see you and celebrate with you.

If you need to take some time out. Savour the day and what has just happened on this special day.

Most of all, enjoy your day!

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