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The Reasons for Doing The Bride and Groom Portraits

Probably a short blog this time. But a valid one. Are you are planning your wedding and not sure about how to choose your Inverness wedding photographer? Covering weddings from Inverness to Aberdeen, I have met quite a few couples, and I can give you my pearls of wisdom.


I have heard this on numerous occasions.

" We don't like the posed kind of photos".


I'll start this off by saying most of your wedding photos are un-posed. There are a few crucial times where I will take control and guide the bride, groom or both.
The first would be once the bride is in her dress. Why wouldn't I? The bride is at her stunning best, and by capturing a beautiful portrait that would look stunning in the wedding album.
From here, we will break into a documentary-style as the bride makes her way to the ceremony. Dad sees his daughter in her dress, the groom catching his bride coming down the aisle or the first kiss.
Then I take over as we get the family formal group shots done. This section of the day needs organising as everyone tends to wander off in search of the bar. So I always get the couple to write a list of their groups in order of importance. These will then be taken as quickly as possible without keeping everyone from enjoying the day. I usually enlist a groomsman to round them up so that I can continue taking photographs.

The Signature Wedding Photographs.

After these, I take the couple away alone for the first time as a married couple (I probably have 1 / 1.5hrs with the couple). A chance for them to chat and reflect. I will have discussed locations with the couple at the pre-wedding meeting. I'm looking to create some of my signature photographs for the couple. The aim of this is to create some portraits for them. Something nice and large for the wall.
After this, I leave the rest of the wedding day to flow.

So to conclude. I will always reassure my couples that I won't be just doing posed, but most of your day will flow naturally.

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