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The Most Important Questions To Ask Your Inverness Wedding Photographer!


The Most Important Questions To Ask Your Inverness Wedding Photographer!

When planning your wedding, you'll probably have a list of things to ask your Inverness Wedding Photographer. If not, then have a read this handy blog to get you on your way.


How would you describe your shooting style?

You will know from looking at online portfolios which styles you prefer. But it's a good one to ask when you meet your photographer in Inverness. It will make sure you are both a good fit for each other.

Can I See A Complete Wedding Album?

You will be able to see all the wedding photos your Inverness photographer has delivered for a couple and not the highlights of various weddings. You will see consistency and whether they can handle different and challenging lighting over various wedding days.

What Are Your Wedding Packages? And What do They Include?

You'll want to know what the various packages are. You'll get a wedding photography package that's ideal for you knowing that you won't pay extra for things you thought were included. Although, you are free to upgrade at any time.

Do You Have Insurance?

Professional wedding photographers in Inverness should have professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Wedding venues may insist on seeing their policy before allowing them to work on their premises.

Have You Worked A My Wedding Venue Before? And Would You Be Willing To Visit Beforehand?

If your Inverness wedding photographer has shot at your wedding venue, ask to see a complete wedding album. It will give you an idea of the look and feel of your finished wedding photos.

Do I Need To Cover Travel Costs or Accommodation?

Another good question, but very important. Most photographers don't charge extra for weddings within a certain distance. Although, you can expect additional charges if you like the style of a photographer who isn't local to you.

Will It Be You Photographing Our Wedding Day?

Another important question. Some wedding photographers work with associates or as part of a group, so it may not be them. It's best to be aware of this upfront.


Do You Have A Back-Up Photographer Should Something Happen To You?

In the unlikely event of something happening to your wedding photographer, they will have other professional wedding photographers in Inverness to cover your wedding day. It is worthwhile asking the question.

Do You Have Backup Equipment?

The fact your photographer has the latest and best camera is not enough! A good professional will have two at least, most probably three ( and lenses). If one were to fail, they'd be back to one. Multiple batteries and lighting options are also a must to cover all eventualities.

What Do You Wear To A Wedding?

You want your photographer to be well dressed and blend in with your guests. But conversely, they are working in hot conditions and for a long day. They also need to balance this with being comfortable.

When Can I Expect To See The Finished Wedding Photos?

With all the excitement of the day, you will be desperate to see the finished wedding photos in your online gallery. Delivery times vary from photographer to photographer. Depending on workload and time of year, anything that is up to 3 months is possible.


Will I get All The Photographs or Just Those Selected By You?

The straight answer to this is no, not all the photographs. Some don't work out. The photographer will decide which wedding photos tell the story of the wedding day. Remember, they are the professional.

Hopefully, you'll find this article of value in looking for photographers in Inverness during the planning of your wedding day.

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