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Viewing Your Wedding Photographers Portfolio! | Fife Wedding Photographer

So you are planning your Fife wedding!

So you are planning your Fife wedding. So you sit down with your other half, family and friends and get a list together of how to plan a wedding. Or you could use my wedding planning checklist. Follow this link to find Wedding Planning Checklist.

Wedding suppliers.

You've got the venue booked for your chosen date. Now you are searching for other suppliers. Wedding photographers in Fife will be pretty high up your list. Most Fife wedding photographers will be booked anything from eighteen months to two years in advance.

So how do you go about finding your ideal Fife wedding photographer?

Either recommendation from friends or relatives in Fife. Who photographed their weddings? Ask on social media! Or google!

By doing any of the above, you will bring up a range of different photographers in Fife. Then you will have to go through these and find a style that suits how you see your wedding.

What Next?

So you've narrowed down the search to a select few Fife wedding photographers. You've sent an email awaiting a reply.

What next?

Well, I'd recommend a meeting, so that you can see more of their portfolio.

Why would you do this?

Well, a face to face meeting assures that you get along. We all have different personalities. If you are spending up to ten hours in the company of your photographer you'd better be able to get the best from each other! How else are you going to get the best wedding photographs possible!

Viewing your Photographers Portfolio!

Why is this important? If you get the chance to look through entire weddings of prospective wedding photographer's you will see what they can produce on your wedding day. Is this the look you want?

So, viewing the portfolio of Fife wedding photographers is very important.
Hopefully, the above article will give you an insight into choosing your wedding photographer in Fife.

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