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Why Do I Love Weddings?


Why do I love Aberdeen weddings? The straight answer is I don't know.
Well, I do! The initial enquiry comes in. Here's where the excitement starts. I'm an Aberdeen wedding photographer, which should mean a total professional.
It's the excitement that I have another potential client, but I'm also really looking forward to hearing all about your plans. As an Aberdeen wedding photographer, why wouldn't the excitement get the better of me? You have planned your day for a year or more. Each Aberdeen wedding is a unique occasion. It can be one of the Aberdeen hotel wedding venues through to an Aberdeen castle wedding.

Your Personality!

The number one reason! Why we would book each other! I bet you didn't expect me to say that! We must get along on the wedding day. How else are we going to get the best Aberdeen wedding photos on the day? So not only are you booking me, but I'm booking you!
Your Family and Friends!
Now I don't know your family and friends. But I've got to know you both leading up to your Aberdeen wedding day. I'm pretty sure we have got to know each other by now. And friends and family will be an extension of you both. I love Aberdeen weddings because it gives me the chance to meet new people. People like you. Each Aberdeen wedding is unique. Since I'm a wedding photographer in Aberdeen, I get to meet lots of people, people that make your wedding day special. Now isn't that a privilege?

Creative Wedding Photography!

We can all do the natural moments after all! But can we be creative when the weather is against us, or the venue has limited photo opportunities? It's where being able to control the light when there is nothing there or overpower it to get something special on the Aberdeen wedding day. But not just being able to use light ( which is a part of wedding photography), you need a vision and need to see something out of nothing on the wedding day.

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In Conclusion.

If you are looking to book an Aberdeen Wedding Photographer, I hope this little wedding photography blog post is of some relevance. I have hopefully covered points on why I love photographing weddings in Aberdeen. Hopefully, it has given you things to think about before booking your Aberdeen Wedding Photographers.

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