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How To Plan For The Family Group Photos?


How To Plan For The Family Group Portrait?.


Having been an Aberdeen wedding photographer for several years, I know how to get the best out of the groups.
Some couples enjoy and want these as part of their day. The Bride and Groom may be under pressure from older relatives to make this a big part of the day.
Wedding photography in Aberdeen has changed a lot in the last few years. Gone are the days of long, drawn-out posed groups taking most of the time up. Now it's all about candid moments, documentary styles, where the wedding photographer in Aberdeen mingles with the guests.

So How Do You Get The Most From The Family Groups?

Well, how do you get the most from the family groups?
If it's a new Aberdeen wedding venue for me, I'll meet my couples there in the month before the wedding day. We will make a plan as to where we can photograph the group photos. With an option to go inside should the weather not play ball (well, I am an Aberdeen Wedding Photographer). Next, I will ask the couple to draw up a list of combinations for the groups. Also, allocate someone to organise who is next to get their wedding photos taken. This way, I can focus on taking your Aberdeen wedding photos. With the best will in the world, people will get bored, especially if it drags on.

If we get the groups done quickly and efficiently, it will leave us more time for the bridal portraits before you go back for your wedding meal.

In Summary.

To get the best from your family group photos, work with your Aberdeen wedding photographer. Make a plan together, stick to it the best you can. If you are all flexible on the day, everything will be just fine.

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