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Essential Equipment and How I Prepare for an Aberdeen Wedding.


Essential Equipment and How I Prepare for an Aberdeen Wedding.

When you're a photographer at an Aberdeen wedding, the key is preparation. You'll want to make sure that your equipment matches what's needed. Each type of event and situation is different, with different people and venues!


I feel this is a vital part of preparing as a wedding photographer in Aberdeen. How do you make sure that you are doing the best for your wedding couples? Training, and I mean ongoing training as well. It helps me stay up to date, as you never stop learning. Being part of The Societies of Photographers is also an excellent chance to meet up and network with other wedding photographers and industry professionals whilst training.



Preparation starts when you first enquire right through until the day of your wedding. The best way to prepare for your wedding is by starting with a consultation and planning. Having been involved in several weddings, I can help where I can. I'm always willing to help where I can, as it's these little extra bits that get remembered. Customer service goes a long way.
One of the most vital parts of a wedding is preparation, which will make the day run smoother and stress-free. The days leading up to the ceremony are when you need to do all your errands and tasks so that everything flows smoothly during the big day.
I like to meet my wedding couples at least 4-6 weeks before their wedding day. This way, I can get to know more about the finalised plans, making sure I'm in the right place at the right time. If they have booked a pre-wedding session, I will do it at this point, and they can get used to me taking photos of them!

My Preparation

Clothing. Mostly a suit so that I can blend in with the guests. Making sure it still fits and is clean. Checking the forecast is a must. If I am photographing a wedding outdoors and the weather is to be wet or sunny will help me chose what clothing to wear.
In the day or two before the wedding, I will begin to charge my cameras, flashes and any other lighting that I will be taking to the wedding. As an Aberdeen wedding photographer, I must prepare for any eventuality. The weather in Scotland can be anything from rain to sun. And usually both on the same day. Also, the lighting in Aberdeen venues and churches may not be ideal, and I have to adapt to circumstances.

Essential Kit for an Aberdeen Wedding Photographer.

Cameras, but how many do I bring on a wedding day?
For any wedding, you need at least two cameras. I always have two professional cameras on me at all times, with a third in the car. Why so many? Well, an Aberdeen wedding for a photographer is one chance only to get it right. Say I had a breakdown with a camera, I'd then only have a single camera. If something went wrong with that at a crucial moment, well, I don't want to think about that. Plus two spare batteries for each camera. A range of lenses, including a wide-angle lens to set the scene and zoom to get in close to capture special moments.

Alongside this, I will bring the following lighting equipment.

4 x Flashes
1 x Battery Powered Studio Light
1x Continous Light Wand
2 x Light Stands
1 x Softbox
2 x Reflectors

The above equipment allows me to get the best on the wedding day.
It may seem a lot, but it covers me for all eventualities as an Aberdeen wedding photographer. Not only for when I'm capturing the ceremony, candid moments but to create that special moment for my Aberdeen wedding couples.


As a professional wedding photographer in Aberdeen, I want you to be confident that I will capture your special day beautifully. That's why I offer plenty of time for pre-wedding consultations and am happy to do an engagement session ( booked separately), so you can be comfortable with my style before the big day. Once we've talked about how I work and the wedding plans with my wedding couples on capturing those precious moments from start to finish, including all your favourite photos printed as large as possible, it's time for the big day.

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