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Why Do I Love Weddings? And What It's Like To Work With Me!

I started on this wedding photography journey 11 years ago. Before that, I'd always had an interest in looking at photographs. Mainly old slides and prints dug out from my parent's loft.
Fast forward to summer 2017 following a change of ownership in the full-time job. This kick up the backside led me to the decision. To grow the photography business and try and make it a full-time occupation. My time to take control and follow my heart and do something I love doing.
I had wedding bookings at this point. So I started down the path to market myself as an Aberdeen wedding photographer.


But WHY do I love Wedding Photography?

It starts when I get an enquiry. I think I like meeting new people. The buzz of finding out their plans for their Aberdeen wedding, how they see their wedding photographs. Their chosen Aberdeen wedding venue, possibly where they could have the bridal portraits taken.
They will have seen my online Aberdeen wedding photography portfolio before enquiring. When we meet before booking, I will always show complete Aberdeen wedding photography in sample albums plus various prints. So they can envisage themselves in these albums. I also bring along a laptop to go through some more real weddings.
For me, I share a few ideas based on my signature wedding photos that we could do at their chosen Aberdeen wedding venue. It helps to build excitement and hopefully trust in me, helping with getting a booking.
So I get the booking. If it's a new venue, I will arrange a viewing for my benefit. A month or so before a wedding, I will meet the couple to go through any last-minute plans. Making sure I'm in the right place at the right time.
The night before, I check and double-check everything is charged, cleaned and packed. Attention to detail!!
At the wedding, butterflies kick in, encouraging me to do my utmost best on the day. But once I start working, everything clicks and I get on with the day. On the lookout for little moments and thinking ahead to make sure you don't miss a thing. It's tiring but so worth it.

Why do I do this?

To make sure everything is perfect for my couples with wedding photographs in their Wedding Album to cherish for years to come and pass down the generations.

Why Chose Me As Your Aberdeen Wedding Photographer?

So you are planning your Aberdeen wedding? What are you going to book first? It should be your Aberdeen wedding venue. Once you have this, the date is secured. Now you can start planning your Aberdeen wedding.
You will need to make a wedding planning checklist to book the other suppliers on time.

But Why Book Me?

You will probably have been googling 'wedding photographers in Aberdeen'. A good shout as that's what most of us have done. Hopefully, I'm showing up on the searches.
Going through the various listings, you will start to narrow down the Aberdeen wedding photographers whose style you like. The next stage would be to make contact Aberdeen wedding photographer on your list.


The Meeting.

Arrange a meeting with the main ones, getting to know them and see if you will get along. This meeting also allows you to see more of their portfolio. These should be in the form of complete weddings, where you can see the style and consistency of wedding photographs that you can expect from your Aberdeen wedding day. Don't just rely on digital see them in wedding albums and prints. It proves that wedding photographers in Aberdeen are serious about delivering quality service and products to their couples. At the meeting be sure to ask lots of questions. You want to find all about them and what they can bring to your wedding day. Likewise, expect them to ask loads of questions about your Aberdeen wedding day. Before accepting your booking, an Aberdeen wedding photographer will want to know you are that special couple for them to work alongside. It's a two-way thing.
You should also expect to have a pre-wedding meeting to check over any last-minute details and changes to the schedule.

On Your Wedding Day!

Your Aberdeen wedding photographer will be with you from bridal preparations through to your first dance or two. Someone who can if, you chose correctly, will capture your wedding as you envisaged it. Whose personality will shine through and get along with you, your family and friends?

A Personal Photographer For The Day!

Think about the above headline. Yes, as wedding photographers in Aberdeen, that's what we are.

So it all begins when you enquire about looking for an Aberdeen wedding photographer. I will always try to meet you before booking, probably at your Aberdeen wedding venue. Why? I would love to get to know you and hear all about your plans. As I'm sure, you want to get to know me. Someone you're going to be spending most of your wedding day in my company.
Putting in the time with couples looking for Aberdeen wedding photographers is just part of the job, adding value to my customer experience.

What's Next?

If you book, I will arrange to meet you at your chosen wedding venue in Aberdeen a month or so before your wedding day. A final run through your plans, making sure I'm in the right place at the right time.

The Wedding Day!

The wedding day! Where I become your photographer for the day.
It's why it's so important to have an Aberdeen wedding photographer that you are comfortable being around as part of your day. I'll be spending a large part of the day with you, your friends and family. To get the best out of each other, we must be comfortable around each other. I tend to work unobtrusively, but there are times I will guide you. The aim is always to create something special for you in my style.

A Personal Photographer for the Day!

As your personal Aberdeen wedding photographer for the day and making sure your wedding photographs reflect your wedding day means you get the best wedding photographs you possibly can. These wedding photographs in your wedding photo album will be cherished memories that you can look back on for years to come and hand down to your children or grandchildren.

Pittodrie House-Wedding-Photography-04

Creative wedding photography! Most brides will start by going 'we prefer the natural moments'. Now that's a fair point, as most of the day will feature the natural moments. But guess what, as an Aberdeen wedding photographer, I can get creative wedding photography into all of my Aberdeen weddings without you noticing too much.

Bridal Preparations.

Bridal preparations, the time when all the fun happens. The bride and the bridal party are getting ready, having a laugh whilst hair and makeup is applied and maybe the odd prosecco. But I still manage a creative photo. It could be something as simple as a reflection in a mirror or a little more tricky using lighting to create a hairspray photo.
Then comes the moment. The bride is in her dress for the first time on the wedding day. I've got to catch Dad's first glimpse. Next, it's time to do a bridal portrait. Up to this point, I've been checking out where I can capture this portrait. Now's a chance to show my experience.

<3>Groom Portraits. The groom portraits are dependant on whether I have a second photographer working with me. If I'm spending the morning with the bride, I can't be in two places (unless it's the same building) and let's face it isn't the bride is the most important on the wedding day!

The next opportunity to show my creative side, up to now, the day has flowed naturally.
Having met my couples before, we will have made a plan. We'll know where we are going! A location that's local to the venue or somewhere special to the couple. The aim is to produce that wow photograph. A wedding photo that will have pride of place on their wall for years to come.


The First Dance.

A natural moment, but it depends on how I set up to capture this. It is usually in a darker room in the venue. So some form of lighting is required. Either on the couple or backlit. Done correctly, it can give spectacular results.

So if you are thinking, I only want natural wedding photography from my Aberdeen wedding photographer, then give my portfolio a look. I have a range of Aberdeen wedding photographs showcasing a creative style.

Why A Wedding Album Is An Investment!

Wedding Photograph Album-Layflat Pages-Inverness Wedding Photographers-006

Over the last few years as an Aberdeen wedding photographer, it has been a regular thing to hand over just the digital files.
We have now got the point where most wedding photographs live in the digital world. What happens when files become corrupted, computers in the future can't read the files? Already the latest computers don't have USB ports.
My parents have wedding photographs and slides going back years. These we can take out and look at whenever we want. They aren't affected by advancing technology.
Now to the title of this blog post!
You have paid your chosen Aberdeen wedding photographer to capture the moments of your wedding day. Moments you are going to want to look back on in future. Even pass it down to your children or grandchildren. If they only exist as a file, these are most probably going to be lost forever.

Perthshire Wedding Photographers-Wedding Photograph Albums-Wow Shots-015

Why should you have an album alongside your files?

Like any book, the wedding album is a storybook. Your wedding photographer in Aberdeen will advise on this and help you chose your wedding photos.
Most Aberdeen wedding photographers will offer these alongside or even including them in their various packages. I have priced my Wedding packages with an album included (different sizes and styles with each) so that you know the costs upfront. But obviously, you can upgrade. I do have a Digital only, but me being me, I have included a few prints in the price.
So to the point.
With digital-only, you run the risk of losing valuable wedding photographs. So for probably not too much more in the scheme of things, you can get an album for not much more investment. You then have a lasting product to show your children and grandchildren. An album full of memories to pass down to your children or grandchildren.
Just like my parents have.

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