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Can't Afford A Wedding Photographer! Well, Here's The Benefits Of A Professional Wedding Photographer!


Can't Afford A Wedding Photographer In Aberdeen! Well, Here's The Benefits Of A Professional Wedding Photographer!

Are you looking for an Aberdeen wedding photographer?

I love a good wedding and want to help capture the special day in the best way possible. With high-quality photography services that will make your Aberdeen wedding unforgettable.

You can trust me with one of the most important days of your life, with every detail captured perfectly. So you have beautiful memories forever. Memories that last a lifetime through stunning photos that are artistic, creative, and timeless. Let me be there on your big day as a friend or family member would be – not just another vendor. Wedding photography is more than just taking pictures,

Memories last a lifetime. And I believe those memories should always be cherished and never forgotten. So let me do what I love most – tell stories through pictures!

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer!

You're in the process of planning that dream wedding, the costs are mounting up, so you are looking to cut some costs. One of which do you cancel the wedding photographer or get the friend with a decent camera to photograph your wedding.
The following will give some good reasons why this could be a mistake.

An Expensive Camera!

It's just that if you don't know how to use it correctly. It's how the wedding photographer uses the camera to create the picture that makes someone a photographer. Much the same as a writer uses their pen or typewriter or painter uses their paintbrush.

Would you use an apprentice to fix your car, rewire your home? Of course not. You'd use an experienced mechanic or electrician. You would choose someone with years of experience in their chosen trade.

A wedding photographer has to deal with challenging situations. It could be difficult to light scenes or conditions, having to compose different shots and find backdrops. The camera doesn't do this, but the photographer and their years of experience, experience gained by photographing weddings over many years. Ongoing training is also part of this experience. Training is a whole paragraph on its own.


Training. Well, not just training also being part of professional photographic bodies. Having been involved with the Societies of Photographers since 2014 and gained qualifications in both weddings and landscapes.
For me, training is part of every business. Training staff means keeping up to date with the latest techniques which benefit customers. Wedding photography training is no different as it means I'm always at my best for clients as things move forward and up to date with current techniques.
Every business will aim to do the best for its clients. Keeping up to date with training is an essential part of this.


A professional will be fully insured. Should anything go wrong, a professional wedding photographer in Aberdeen will have public liability and indemnity insurance. Some venues will insist on seeing this from suppliers working at their venue.


A professional wedding photographer will be using professional-level equipment, which will stand the rigours of being used all day at a wedding in Aberdeen. On top of this, they will carry backups should a camera fail during the day.
A professional will also be using current equipment which is capable of working day in day out.

An Investment.

By using a professional to tell the story of your day, you are investing in your wedding day. The flowers die, the cake gets eaten, the band and dancing become distant memories.
What's left after the day? The wedding photos will be with you for generations to come.
Professional wedding photography is an investment worth making.

The Wedding Album.

By investing in a high-quality wedding album from your wedding photographer in Aberdeen to pass to your children or grandchildren, the memories will last for generations.
It is always worth investing in a wedding album as the files run the risk of corrupting. I do keep backups, but I'm not going to be around forever.
When I photograph a wedding, I plan how the wedding album will come together. What works on certain pages, how to tell the story of the day.

Well, a wedding is a love story from start to finish.

Meeting Your Aberdeen Wedding Photographer before Booking!

I usually always try to meet with couples before they book, to allow us all to have a chat about your wedding plans.
Over a coffee, we can chat about your day and show you my sample wedding albums. These will contain complete weddings allowing you to visualise how I will capture your wedding day.
At this meeting, I can explain to you my wedding packages. Each package contains different albums ( from size to type) and timings. From this, you will be able to make an informed decision about which package suits you best.

Post Booking!

Once you have booked with me, I don't just show up on your wedding day! Remember I can be booked anything from 18 months to two years before the day. Within the month before the wedding day, I will arrange a meeting to go over the final details.

In Summary.

If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Aberdeen to capture your big day, it may be worth considering the benefits of using an experienced professional. From experience and investment to having a beautiful album documenting all those memories, there are many reasons why choosing a wedding photographer is well worth the time and money. I have been photographing weddings since 2014 with experience and qualifications to back up my quality service. With no hidden costs, choose your package with just one fixed price. I believe that hiring us will give you peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of in advance so you can enjoy your special day without fussing about photography worries!

Full details of how I can help tell the story of your wedding are on my website.