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Tips to Make The Family Photos Fast and Easy for Everyone at Your Aberdeen Wedding.


Tips to Make The Family Photos Fast and Easy for Everyone at Your Aberdeen Wedding.

As your Aberdeen Wedding Photographer, it is my job to help you get those all-important family photos on your wedding day.

Weddings can range from a few close family members or friends right up to hundreds with guests from all over the country or even the world. You will probably want to get some professional photos with these guests on the happiest day of your life. If you are not careful, time can run away from you.
So what can you do to keep things on track?


Creating a List For Your Photographer.

It is probably best to start this list a few months before the wedding. That way, it can be amended in plenty of time if you think of anything else.
Creating a list of family photos for your wedding day makes sure that you get all those precious family photos. It is often a good idea to assign a groomsman or bridesmaid to find Aunt Mary or Uncle Bob. They will know who they are, allowing your photographer to concentrate on taking photos. Remember to tell your photographer about any family problems. It will save awkward situations when standing people next to each other. BE realistic. The more variations that you have, the longer they will take.

As your photographer, I will be looking for areas with an uncluttered background to take your family photos. Maybe a wall or some areas of trees. I will also be looking for areas of natural light in open shade. We do not want everyone squinting.

Tell Everyone.

Yes, tell everyone that will be in the family photos. That way, family and friends know where and when to be at the chosen location. If you want them there at 2 pm make sure they think you need them at 1.45 pm. You can guarantee someone will be late.

When I the Best Time To Do Your Family Photos?

From experience, I would advise doing the family photos after the ceremony. Your guests will want to socialise or head to the bar. Once this happens to get the family photos completed becomes a challenge.

Go For Bigger Groups.

Photographing larger groups will minimise the number of groups and the time taking them. Do you need 50 variations with family and friends?

Sample Family Wedding Photos List.

Bride, mum
Bride, dad
Bride, mum, dad
Bride, siblings
Bride, mum, dad, siblings
Bride, individual siblings
Groom, mum
Groom, dad
Groom, mum, dad
Groom, siblings
Groom, mum, dad, siblings
Groom, individual siblings
Bride, Groom, moms, dads
Bride, Groom, grooms mum, grooms dad
Bride, Groom, brides mum, brides dad
Bride, mum, grandmother
Groom, father, grandfather
Bride, Groom, brides grandparents
Bride, Groom, grooms grandparents
Bride, Groom, brides, aunts and uncles
Bride, Groom, grooms, aunts and uncles
Bride, Groom, best man, bridesmaids
All full guest group photo
All brides, family members group photo with Bride and Groom
All grooms, family photo with Bride and Groom


Preparation is vital to get all the family photos completed, leaving time for the couple portraits before it is time for the wedding meal. By following my advice above, you should have a stress free day.