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Strathpeffer Wedding Fair.

Why are they important?

As a wedding photographer in Inverness, wedding fairs are vital. Why?

Today we are dominated by social media, and sometimes, you don't get the chance to meet with the various suppliers before booking. But visiting a wedding fair allows you to meet face to face.

What could be more important to a bride and groom? Planning a wedding can be stressful enough, but a visit to a local wedding fair may inspire you, plus you get the chance to chat with various suppliers. They provide an opportunity for couples to meet some of the best wedding professionals in one place, get ideas and inspiration, and learn about all the options available to them. If you're engaged and looking for some guidance on where to start with your planning, then a wedding fair is the place for you!

How Do You Find Out About Local Wedding Fairs?

A good start will be the aforementioned social media. Google will also be another good starting point. Ask friends or relatives who have recently been married ( although you could also get supplier recommendations from them).
Wedding venues in Inverness also run wedding fairs, so check with your wedding venue. They will have a mix of local wedding suppliers, some of which will have worked at their venue.



As an Inverness wedding photographer, this is important for me. I will no doubt be working with other suppliers on the day. If we all know each other, the wedding day will be a team effort. Also, when a potential couple enquires looking for other suppliers, we can all have trusted colleagues to recommend.

The Social Aspect.


A lot of us wedding suppliers are sole traders. We tend to work alone, so it can be a good chance for us to all meet and have a chat about our wonderful industry. It can only benefit all of our future clients. Yes, you the happy couples.

Having never been to Strathpeffer before, I was interested in finding out more about this little town between Dingwall and Contin in Invernesshire.
It started out booming in victorian times as a Spa town. The town's traditional houses and hotels are all from this time, including a disused railway station, now utilised as a Children's museum.
Strathpeffer Pavillion has a capacity for 200+ guests. With its striking features, stalls are all set up. A chance for a wander and mingle with the other wedding suppliers. A catch up to see how things are going with their Inverness wedding businesses.
11 am, and the doors open to the queues of excited brides and grooms. A mix of couples who had their dates booked and some newly engaged couples just starting on the planning journey.
As the couples come around the venue looking at the various suppliers, I'm ready to chat and show them what I can bring to their wedding day. With a range of wedding albums to showcase the beautiful photos I capture on the wedding day.
As the fair comes to a close, I can reflect on the potential new clients I have met over the last few hours. Some of them have booked, some are planning and will hopefully remember me when they start booking their weddings.

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Is it worth the investment in time and having samples of my work at wedding fairs? Of course, it is! There is nothing better than getting out and speaking to all the lovely brides and grooms about their wedding plans. Giving them the chance to look through physical albums and not just digital files can only be a good thing.