Why You Should Meet Your Photographer

How many of you just book your photographer? You find them on Social Media or through referrals!

Yeah. That’s a good starting point. But always ask yourself.. do you like their style? Do you see yourself in their photos?

If the answer is yes, then go ahead and get in contact.

When you’re looking for your photographer ask yourself these questions.

Do you like there work?


Consistency in their work!

If they tick the boxes for the above questions then you already know where the pricing is. Thus that’s not the issue.

Right onto the main point..

Meeting your photographer or at least getting the chance to Skype or Facetime.

Initially you would want to meet up before booking. This is someone you are going to be spending a large part of your wedding day with. You need to have a connection and get along!

Obviously there are exceptions. You find a photographer whose style you love, but are in a completely different area. Well Skype etc could work in these circumstances. The principal is the same though.

All the above points are also relevant from a photographer’s view point. We also have to click with the client. Or we aren’t getting our best work for you or ourselves.

Once you meet up you’ll be able to see more of your photographer’s portfolio, any sample albums included in his or her Wedding Collections. This also gives you the opportunity to explain your ideas for the day, how you see the day progressing.

Congratulations you can now book your photographer!!