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My ‘Why’. Why I Love Doing What I Do | Moray Wedding Photographers

I started off on this photography journey 11 years ago. Before that I’d always had an interest in looking at photographs. Mainly old slides and prints, dug out from my parents loft.

Fast forward to summer 2017 following a change of ownership in the full time job. This kick up the backside led me to the decision to grow the photography business and try and make it a full time occupation. My time to take control and follow my heart and do something I love doing.

Obviously I had wedding bookings at this point. So I started down the path to market myself.

But WHY do I love Weddings?

It starts when I get an enquiry. I think I like meeting new people. The buzz of finding out their plans for the wedding, how they see their photographs. Which ties in with their chosen venue, possibly where they could have the couple portraits taken.

They will have seen my online portfolio before enquiring, but when we meet before booking I will always show them complete weddings in sample albums plus various prints. This gives them the opportunity to try and envisage themselves in these albums. I also bring along a laptop to go through some more real weddings.

For me I start to share a few ideas based around my signature photographs that we could do at their chosen venue. It helps to build the excitement and hopefully trust in me. Which should help with getting a booking.

So I get the booking. If it’s a new venue I will arrange a viewing for my own benefit. A month or so before a wedding I will meet the couple to go through any last minute plans. Basically make sure I’m in the right place at the right time.

The night before I check and double check everything is charged, cleaned and packed. Attention to detail!!

On the wedding day butterflies kick in. Which just fires me to do my utmost best on the day. But once I start working it all just clicks and get on with the day. Your on the look out for little moments and thinking ahead to make sure you don’t miss a thing. It’s tiring but so worth it.

Why do I do this?

To make sure everything is perfect for my couples. That they have the photographs in their Wedding Album to cherish for years to come and pass down the generations.

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