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Your Ideal Client and Charging Your Worth! | Moray Commercial Photographers

A recent post on LinkedIn got me thinking about this subject.

Your Ideal Client?

Working out your ideal client is the first vital step. To do this, you will need to find some answers to the following questions.
What do they do?
What are their hobbies?
Are they homeowners?
How many cars do they own?
Do they own their own business?
Do they have a family?
Do they have pets?
What are their buying habits?


By answering questions like those listed above, you will build up a picture of who they are. What are their qualities? Start by writing in detail, as much as possible, including their fears and goals. Also, start to think about how you will reach them. To help you think about your current clients, what was enjoyable working with them? What they thought about working with you. Finding clients who value what you offer is vital. Knowing this allows you to build your business, marketing message, services and products around this defined group of clients.
Having as much detail as possible on your ideal client will allow you to reach out to their wants and needs.
Thinking this through is the first key to your marketing effort. Once done, you will know who target your marketing efforts. After all, you deserve to work with clients who value the service or products you provide.
Your message must solve your client's problems. It's not about what you sell, but how you can solve their problems. To help you focus, you could write down a list of potential problems your ideal client might have.
By working towards speaking to and understanding your ideal client otherwise, you will struggle to get success. You should continually evaluate this and repeat the exercise as your business grows.

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Valuing Your Worth and Charging Your Worth.

By offering value to client's, you can charge what you are worth. There is no point undercharging. It's not sustainable for you or anyone.

The cheapest option is not always the best value or the right choice. But providing value at a sustainable level of pricing is correct.

I've been a commercial photographer in Moray for several years and strive to give my clients the best possible value.
So if you wish to discuss your photography needs. I cover Moray, Inverness and Aberdeen, then feel free to contact me via the below contact form.