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Business Regeneration | Professional Photography | How Can It Help Your Business?


Business Regeneration. Professional Photography. How Can It Help Your Business?


We have had a challenging 18 months. Businesses have been shut, with people unable to work. Working from home has become the new normal. Online sales and thinking outside the box to keep their businesses afloat have been what 2020 / 2021 has been.
Now here we are in the last quarter of 2021. Businesses have been unlocked, like the general public on the back of the mass vaccination. There is an optimism/ confidence about just now.
So how do you grow your business in this new normal that we now live? Well, that's where hiring a professional photographer in Moray comes in!

So how do Moray business and commercial photographers help you grow your business?

Most businesses have an online presence, which means that the image you present on your social media has to be professional. Hiring a commercial photographer in Moray will supply you with a bank of images to be used throughout your social media channels for some time to come. By using professional photography your business, (whether the services you provide or products you sell) look professional to future client's. Images you can use on your business website or printed marketing materials. Giving a consistent look and feel to the business.
It can be tempting to save money by taking photos on a mobile phone, but ask yourself this? If, as a potential customer, you came across a social media post or website where the photographs were not professional, does the company come across as professional?
As a Moray commercial photographer, I'm using professional cameras and have access to lighting and have the skills to show your product or service at its best.

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What Happens When I Book a Business and Commercial Photographer?

I will help you establish your vision for the shoot, and I can assist with props, location scouting or any other questions.

As soon as we schedule a call, we'll discuss what needs to be photographed during our session together. I'll meet with you in person to map out all of the specifics, including where it should take place, when it's best suited for shooting, how many photos are required based on your goals ( product shots around a store or catalogue still lifes). Which type of camera is most appropriate considering these factors? What kind of lighting do you need? And finally - who will get access to my images after they're finished. Either as prints or products like brochures and flyers or for use on social media.

How Can You Use These Images After The Commercial Photography Session?

Ever wonder how you can be creative with the images taken during a commercial photography session? You'll find that there are many ways to use these types of photographs in your marketing, from social media to printed marketing materials and on your website.
Now, this is where I come into play. I know what it takes when it comes to being a Moray commercial photographer. I provide professional photography services for businesses and brands from Inverness to Aberdeen.

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In Summary.

It is time to focus on the regeneration of your business. We have had a very challenging 18 months to 2 years with the effects of covid and business not being able to trade during this time with lots of industries losing valued staff and with the uncertainties of not being able to replace them. Professional photography can be one way that you can help your business grow and succeed in today's competitive marketplace. By increasing your online presence, you will not only stand out from your competitors but gain new clients for your services or products. What are some other ways? I am glad you asked! In my next blog post, we will discuss how professional photographers have helped businesses thrive by using their expertise to create an engaging customer experience with creative marketing strategies.
To get a head start before my next blog post comes out, check out our website at for more information about all the benefits of working with a professional photographer like myself! Fill in my contact form to schedule a no-obligation call, and let me show you how I can help your business.

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