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Professional Photography Helps With Content Marketing!


Professional Photography Helps With Content Marketing!


A bold statement, but read on to find out more.
A great way to improve your business is by investing in a Moray professional commercial photographer. Today's social media landscape has shifted the way people interact with brands. This shift is forcing small businesses in Moray to change their marketing strategies and how they portray themselves on social media is very important. Professional photographs can be a visually important part of any content marketing strategy, as they can provide visual interest for followers and potential customers alike.
This post will cover everything you need to know about hiring a professional photographer for your content marketing needs! We'll discuss what types of photography work best, why it's so important, and more!

With the rise of social media, pictures have become more valuable than ever before. Today, consumers like seeing what you are selling for themselves and not just being told about it – this is why photos on your website can be a great way to do that! Providing the best quality content is a given in marketing, but is it possible without quality visual images? Photography in marketing is a must, but the marketing department can add a whole new dimension to web content, social media and blog posts.
People want visual representation because they feel words alone cannot convey all facets or ideas well enough without an image accompanying them (or even instead).
Of course, it is possible to take your photos as an alternative to hiring a professional photographer in Moray, but remember your photos will represent your brand. First impressions count when a visitor lands on your website. Another option is a branding photography session. During a brand photography session, I work out ( along with you) visuals to showcase your brand, everything from colour schemes, the products or services you provide for your clients right through to the people behind the business. Using images on social media gain more clicks with Instagram all about photos. It's all about being authentic and getting your audience to connect with your business and brand.

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Stock Photos and Why Not To Use Them!

Another possibility could be a stock photo, an option in some cases. Do they represent your business? No would have to be the short answer. When someone visits your website, they want to get to know you, your products or services. In all honesty, does a stock photo do that?
You have a website and are well aware of SEO. Having a bank of professionally taken photos optimised will help your website rank and be found in google search results. Engaging potential customers and converting them ahead of your competitors.


Going Bold With Photos!

Take the following as an example.
Newspaper covers use this to maximum effect. A bold photo to grab the readers attention, which in turn will help sell the paper as people want to read the story behind the picture. The same happens on social media pictures pop up are seen by people scrolling through headlines on Facebook or Twitter. It has become just as important in our digital age because we often see what content other users like before deciding whether or not we want any ourselves!
This example shows how effective this strategy is for marketers; there have been countless studies proving its effectiveness time after time again. The large images used always capture attention- they tell you right away, "this story matters". And sure enough, when brands use them too suddenly, everyone pays notice: publishers sell more copies, creating awareness about themselves.
Images Are Worth A Thousand Words!
Alluding back to that cliche about saying a thousand words. Images enable you to evoke emotions and thoughts in your audience through just one or several small photographs, displayed together on social media platforms such as Instagram Stories
- sometimes called Stories. This form of blogging has been gaining popularity among teenagers who want an easy way (and creative twist) to engage with their friends. It is also gaining popularity for marketing businesses without having to write out longhand posts. Where a short sharp visual public post is visible online immediately rather than type up more copy.

For example, think about food photography. A restaurant ( with a professional chef) has hired a professional to photograph the various dishes that they create. The photographer will be using professional camera equipment and lighting. Knowing how to set them up to get the best from a mundane setting is why you hire a professional Moray commercial photographer. You see this yummy food visually at first, but the name sticks and I bet you want to go and try it!

Clubhouse Hotel-Food Photography-Inverness commercial Photographer-015

So Is It Worth Hiring A Profesional Photographer?

You bet it is.
Professional photos are powerful and versatile content. Humans as a race are visual, and we are attracted to photographs. These can be used on your website, social media channels, printed marketing materials, blog posts or email newsletters to make them stand out from the crowd. How you use these images makes the difference! Having helped clients of all shapes and sizes with their photography needs in Elgin and Moray, whether they are looking for corporate headshots or wanting help capture fresh photos for a website update or social media use.

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